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Henry's 12th Street Tavern

Posted: 04/22/13

Henry's 12th Street Tavern

Restaurant: Henrys_12th_Street_Tavern Portland

Nelson @ Pearl District: Portland is known for their microbreweries, many of which are concentrated in the NW part of town called the Pearl District. This area used to be full of unused warehouses, but now is revitalized and one of the most lively neighbourhoods in Portland. It reminds me a little of the Distillery District in Toronto, but more spread out and not as much red brick, but still plenty to go around.

We stopped at one of the larger establishments here called Henry's 12th Street Tavern. The bar area was neat with a gigantic selection of beers on tap (last picture). You can see all the kegs in the ceiling.

We tried the "Hank's stuffed* [The Best Burger Ever]: smoked mozzarella, pepperocini and mac & Jack braised onion stuffed, ripe tomato, Tree Hugger porter mustard, green leaf and artisan bun ($13.95)". The burger looked impressive and tasted really good but what stood out among all the ingredients was the smoked moz. The taste was strong enough that it came through in a nice smokey way that you can still tell it is cheese. Then the mustard was really distinct and added punch to the burger. The juicy (slightly raw) meat was cooked nicely. Basically, quality distinct ingredients, put together in a complementary way in a large serving size makes for a winner on every count. Delicious!

We also tried the signature gorgonzola fries: waffle cut, warm and creamy gorgonzola sauce ($10.95). It tasted like a heart attack so good but unhealthy and probably not worth the amount of calories it packs. It looked like blue cheese, but tasted much lighter. Also Wikipedia just told me that gorgonzola is a type of veined blue cheese, so I learned something new today. I thought it didn't taste as strong as most blue cheeses I have had, but perhaps that is what Gorgonzola is.

I had to take advantage of the microbreweries, so I had a Burnside oatmeal pale from Portland Oregon. The beer was smooth and crisp relatively light tasting despite the word oatmeal.

Another, not as gratuitous shot, of the burger and the side of fries. Good atmosphere, good beer and good food. I like!

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