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Ninkazu AYCE

Posted: 04/10/13

Ninkazu AYCE

Restaurant: Ninkazu Vancouver

Nelson @ Aberdeen: I think this is my first time having AYCE sushi in Vancouver and I was wondering if it was going to be better than Toronto AYCE sushi since their regular Japanese restaurants are so much better than ours. Not sure if this one is representative because we picked this one for it's family friendliness. Let's check out the food.

Sashimi tray. About the same as Toronto, with the Tuna different from Toronto's. It might be because it is a different species of fish as supermarkets apparently mislabel fish species frequently. The more unique item is the fish with spicy sauce on it.

More fish in sauce and sesame seeds. I like fish this style even though it takes the focus away from the fish itself, it usually tastes good.

Rolls with a lot of rice. They make big ones here, which usually isn't a good thing because of all the rice.

Sushi. Kitty always wants one tomago (egg) sushi.

Gyoza (dumplings).

Chicken wings and rare beef/beef sashimi. You rarely/never see beef on the menu in Toronto.

Baked seafood pies. Good idea, but they didn't taste that good.

Some of the more unique rolls, including vegetable, "shark fin" (probably noodles), scallop, spicy salmon, chopped fake crab. Scallop tastes a bit different and better out here. The other ones didn't taste that good, but at least they are somewhat creative.


Tempura. Too much batter.

Beef short ribs. Fatty here.

Cold soba noodles. I learned how Japanese cold noodles are to Japanese people and I don't remember seeing it much in Toronto, but since Vancouver is more authentic, not surprised to see it here.

One of my favourites, Tonkatsu.

Overall, the food wasn't that impressive, just slightly better than AYCE in Toronto, but not sure if this one place is representative of Vancouver Japanese AYCE. In general I think I'll try to avoid AYCE if possible if I'm out in Vancouver.

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