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Capstone Tea & Fondue

Posted: 04/08/13

Capstone Tea & Fondue

Restaurant: Capstone Vancouver

Nelson @ Richmond: We passed by here arriving at dinner so we were intrigued and after not being too full we decided to check it out.

The specialize in fondue of the all you can variety for $14.95 with a drink. The standard ingredients include banana bread, lemon bread, fruit (strawberries, banana, pineapple, grapes, green apple) and mini cookies. Decent variety and the AYCE part is nice. I thought the banana bread was excellent, good by itself and even better with chocolate. The lemon bread was quite good as well. The mini cookies were a good idea, but they were too hard to fork and another utensil would have been appreciated. Among the fruit, I didn't expect the green apple to be very good, but the contrasting sourness really made it stand out from everything else which was just sweet. Good stuff.

What's neat is that everyone got their own personal sized chocolate fondue. Neat! These can be refilled as well, but you really can't eat too much of this. Near the end of the meal, the heat source was getting too hot for the amount of chocolate in the container, but otherwise it was nice not having to share and being able to double dip.

There were quite a few extra premium toppings, but we only got the ice cream truffles (3 for $1) which came in egg nog, orange and green tea flavours.. The ice cream was so frozen hard that was impossible to fork. It was so cold that it froze the chocolate when in was dipped! The best part was that they tasted really really good and quite an unique experience. Good idea and tastes great, it just needed another utensil to be able to eat this.

Lastly was the fancy tea that was available which was pretty much mandatory to buy since it was priced the same as the fondue meal without a drink. They were pretty fancy, but I opted for a simple green tea. I think kitty tried the Roobios tea.

Overall a fun experience and definitely great for anyone with a sweet tooth. Just remember to come here hungry otherwise it becomes an expensive dessert.

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  • So yummy!
    Kitty @ 2013-04-15

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