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Manzo Itamae

Posted: 04/06/13

Manzo Itamae

Restaurant: Manzo_Itamae Vancouver

Nelson: A nice interior, but the service was extremely slow and we had to leave without getting our full order. Also a bit pricey, but here are the food pics/descriptions anyway.

These chopped scallop roll ($4.95) was really creamy and tasted pretty fresh. Must be the Vancouver effect.

Salmon sashimi ($15.95) had large quality pieces. Typically Vancouver.

Fresh Kani Miso Roll described as fresh dungeness crab with crab tomalley ($14.95). I've never seen a roll like before and it not surprisingly it had a really strong crab taste. It was unique and I liked it!

Assorted Sashimi ($19.95) was presented really nicely and had very little fish considering that there was octopus, squid and shrimp as well as the salmon and the tuna.

Gyutan Shioyaki ($6.95) is beef tongue and had good peppery flavour, but it was slightly chewy. I suppose that's normal.

Dynamite roll ($6.95) was pretty normal and nothing special.

The whole squid ($8.95) was done well and was ok overall.

Takoyaki ($6.50) was more solid the what I like, but the unique thing was that it had a very smokey flavour from the bonito flakes.

The grilled pork toro ($10.95) was sooo good. The fatty taste was perfect. Note that that is collar from a pig.

Lobster Okonomiyaki ($15.95) is actually called Lobster pizza in english and appropriately it had cheese! It also had lots of lobster pieces, but the overall taste was a bit busy with competing flavours. Good idea, but not so good execution.

Lastly is some spicy salmon bibimbup ($25.90). It wasn't even that big for this price.

Overall the bad service put a damper into the overall experience, plus the high prices definitely did not help. A rare miss with Japanese food in Vancouver.

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