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Sha-Lin Noodle House

Posted: 04/04/13

Sha-Lin Noodle House

Restaurant: ShaLin_Noodle_House Vancouver

Nelson: Once again looking for a place to eat in the neighbourhood led us to this Chinese restaurant. This place specializes in noodles, but I found the appetizers to be more appealing.

水前包, or Pan Fried Dumplings ($10.95 for a dozen) are actually Mantou and then pan fried with water, like potstickers. It comes out looking like nothign I have seen before. The bottom is crispy while the top is soft. Turns out I liked the veggie one better, but kitty liked the flavour of the pork in the meat dumpling. The veggie ones insides were like the filling from the wrapped tofu skin dish. These were very good, but also so filling!

There are different types of hand made noodles here, fried cutting, dragging, pushing, and round noodles. We tried the pushing noodles. The noodles were firm, not doughy and little chewy which Kitty thought were perfect. I thought they were really well down, but overall the dish was quite greasy in not a good way. But at least it had a good flavour with just a little spicy to make it even more interesting. Also fun is watching the workers through the large viewing windows. Despite the good food, we had a lot of leftovers.

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