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Annual Popeye's Deal

Posted: 04/19/13

Annual Popeye's Deal

Restaurant: Brampton Popeyes

dre @ Bramalea City Centre: I can't believe a year has passed by so quickly! I still remember last year when they had this deal. I do chuckle at my last sentence "I'm never doing this again" as clearly, I ate this meal again, but I think I was commenting that I would never buy 8 pieces all for myself again. Looking back even further, Nelson took advantage of this deal two years earlier.

This year, when I walked by Popeyes at 1pm, it was not busy, so I decided to come back after running some errands at the mall. When I returned at 3pm, it was packed! I waited probably around 20-30 minutes and purchased 2 boxes of 8 pieces for $8.99 each. I also got half dozen biscuits.

We ate this meal with Gerald and Denise and to my delight, the non-spicy pack had an extra piece! That made my day as we got 3 large pieces of chicken breast instead of 2!

This year, I didn't feel as guilty eating fried chicken. I don't feel as guilty eating unhealthy food as much after watching "Super Size Me."

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