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Dim Sum at Kingsley

Posted: 04/15/13

Dim Sum at Kingsley

Restaurant: Brampton Kingsley_Chinese_Restaurant

dre @ Kennedy & Clarence: I felt like I haven't had dim sum in a long time, so one Saturday, we went to Kingsley. We haven't been back here in months, and heard that the food got better. Whenever the food changes, you know there's a change in chefs in the kitchen.

Mike and I got here first before our parents, so we ordered the first cart we liked - the rice noodles. I got shrimp and Mike got BBQ pork.

The next item is a steamed pork bun with similar filling as a pork dumpling.

Of course, we got the staple har gow and siu mai... can't have dim sum without those!

Mike's favourite item is the BBQ pork pastry. I think he ate 3 pieces.

Sticky rice

Sticky rice in a lotus wrap

My favourite dish is tripe. This dish was really good and the texture was crunchy.

Curry squid

And lastly steamed BBQ pork buns!

I'm happy I got my dim sum fix!

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