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Ikea Play Date

Posted: 04/05/13

Ikea Play Date

Restaurant: Ikea Toronto

dre @ Leslie and Sheppard: This term "play date" is new to me, but it is very common with moms on maternity leave. It's supposed to be for babies to play together, however, babies don't really "play" with each other until they are about 3 years old. "Play date" is really for moms of babies to get together and talk about babies and the babies to blankly stare and if interested, swat at each other and comply to their mommies putting babies side by side and take cute pictures.

I met up with two coworkers who are on maternity leave. Because one lives in Markham, the other in downtown, and me on the west side, our central location is the North York IKEA. The day we met was during March Break and the cafeteria was CRAZY busy. Fortunately, we went early enough to beat the lunch rush and I got my meatball fix.

For $6, you get meatballs, fries, salad, and a drink. I really enjoyed the fries as they were super crispy.

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