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Fynn's of Temple Bar

Posted: 03/27/13

Fynn's of Temple Bar

Restaurant: Fynns_of_Temple_Bar Toronto

Nelson: After Kitty ran a 10K, I needed to eat a big breakfast. Watching is hard work, you know!

Kitty had the Eggs Florentine ($10), which are poached eggs over an English muffin with sauteed baby spinach and hollandaise sauce. Served with potato pancakes, grilled tomato and fresh fruit. The grilled half tomato is a nice touch that I liked and the eggs were good. The most interesting part were the potato pancakes that tasted a little like falafel, but creamier, with some unknown spices inside. Not expecting that!

I felt like eating unhealthy because I had just spent so much energy, so I had a pulled pork poutine ($10): skin on french fries covered with homemade pulled pork and smothered with Quebec cheese curds and gravy. It was decent and I liked the pulled pork and the fact that they heated the whole dish up ensuring that the cheese was melty. Only downside was that the portion was on the smaller side.

You wouldn't expect to eat brunch at a bar, but this was not bad.

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