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Wang Steak Mains (2 of 2)

Posted: 03/21/13

Wang Steak Mains (2 of 2)

Restaurant: Taiwan Wang_Steak

Nelson @ 王品: So great start with the apps, but what about the mains and their famous Wang Steak?

I didn't actually get the Wang steak, and instead got a traditional Western style one, a Roast Beef Filet with nuts and Cuttlefish. It was almost exactly like a filet mignon and I really liked the garlic chips and pistachio on top. It was nicely rare, which you'll see is a big difference from the Wang steak. It was served with meat juice and salt (bottom left) along with gravy (unnecessary in my opinion).

The whole cuttlefish was stuffed. I thought it was only OK, almost bad. I was a little overcooked and didn't taste particularly fresh. The sweet potato (upper right) was at first unidentifiable because it was very sweet, almost candied. I liked it, as I've never had candied yam before.

Kitty was the guinea pig and tasted the Wang Steak. I saw some other customers eating it and it looked very well done. In fact when you are ordering it, they recommend it to be well done and say that it is their specialty and how they prepare it. Long time readers of this site know that I hate well done steak, so how did this taste? It was like a really fatty, well marbled brisket. Different and I guess not bad either. I think I still prefer steak the Western style and rare, but I don wonder what cut of meat they used to make this.

It came with a sweet brown sauce and raw garlic to complement it. The meal also came with white grape juice in a wine glass (not pictured) that looked very much like wine.

Kitty's meal also came with grilled veal chops. They even had little tin foil squares for you to use to grip the bones without dirtying your hands! That was definitely a nice classy touch. The rosemary was strong with these quite raw chops, but they were really really good. It reminded me of lamb chops with zero gameyness.

Right before dessert came some nicely arranged fruit. The guava (center) was not very ripe, but the cantaloupe and pear were much more so. The cantaloupe stood out and was very sweet and perfectly ripe.

I didn't have this myself, but this "French Burnt Cream" ie Creme brule came in a huge seashell. Such nice presentation!

Kitty had the pomegranate mousse and I thought it was only ok. It was heavier than a normal mousse and also presented nicely.

I had the almond jelly with black sesame ice cream. What a great presentation. Suprisingly the black board was not cold to make it a "marble slab". The almond jelly was really strongly almond tasting which is strange since it is normally a more subtle flavour. The shell around the ice cream was good by itself and unexpectedly, the sesame ice cream itself was not that strong or sweet and almost bitter compared with all the other items. I ate it out of order at first.

The meal ended with a hot tiramisu milk tea that was much too sweet for my liking, but probably popular with most everyone else. Overall the meal was NT$1300/$45, which is a King's ransom for food in Taiwan. I thought the presentation was outstanding and it was quite upscale in setting and execution. The food was good overall, but felt like it was a Asian take on Western fine dining. Nothing wrong with that. Still, an equivalent meal in North America would probably be about twice as expensive, so it was still a good bargain and an enjoyable meal.


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