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Real Indian Food

Posted: 03/26/13

Real Indian Food

Restaurant: none

dre: Our neighbours invited us over for dinner one night. They are from Goa, a coastal city of India. There is a lot of Portuguese influence due to 400 years of Portuguese colonization. They said that Goan food is different than the usual Indian food that we eat in Brampton. The Indian food that we know are mostly Punjab.

The flatbread is called Paratha. It is different than naan and roti. It is not flaky like naan and roti and more like a pancake.

The next dish is potato with spices. It was really tasty and not too spicy.

I ate the Paratha with the potato dish. It was delicious!

They also made a pork dish with broccoli and red peppers, which was pretty spicy. On the right side, there was some chicken curry. The meal was delicious and I'm glad I got to taste some homemade Indian food!


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