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Wang Steak Apps (1 of 2)

Posted: 03/19/13

Wang Steak Apps (1 of 2)

Restaurant: Taiwan Wang_Steak

Nelson: Funny restaurant name for a Westerner visiting this restaurant, but they do steak differently. For some reason I don't think there is a lot of beef consumption in Taiwan and when they do eat beef, they prefer it well done. Anyway, you'll see.

The vibe of the restaurant is upscale and feels appropriate for a date. We saw many couples here, while we walked in 4 dudes and a girl in sweaty clothing from our earlier hike. Ah well.

The bread is served not only with butter, but also pate. The bread was done right, coming out warm and toasty with the croissant full of buttery goodness and the brown one was also rich. Thankfully the pate was light. I'm guessing it is pretty rare to have a decent bread service in Asia?

Kitty had the smoked salmon & beef with mushroom gratin. The plating was nice and yes, those are apple sticks wrapping the salmon. I haven't seen this before, but it seemed to worked out ok. Not spectacular, but it works. The mushroom gratin was balanced on top of a mushroom stem, which is impressive in of itself. The mushroom had a lot of heft to it and it was almost beefy! The salad was normal.

Since I love the bamboo shoots in Taiwan, I had the Bamboo shoots with truffle seafood and mullet roe. I also really wanted to try the mullet roe since it's suppose to be a specialty of Taiwan and Japanese people must buy it if they visit Taiwan. The garlicky bamboo shoots (right) really tasted good with the truffle oil. Bamboo shoots already have an earthy taste to them and the truffle oil enhances this. The middle item had some seafood in it, perhaps fish eggs, but also fruit/yam making it like a fishy egg salad. Trust me, tasted better than it sounds. And finally, the mullet roe is red in colour and served in a thin slice on the left. It tasted like it was smoked, but Wikipedia doesn't say that it is smoked. It had a good flavour for fish eggs and was quite salty. I liked it, but not sure I would pay the expensive price for it. There was pear underneath and the Green stuff was spicy wasabi-like jelly that I didn't like very much.

Kitty had the seafood consomme with pastry. And what a pastry it was! It was huge, but the weirdest thing was the waitress came and removed the pastry from the bowl, proceeded to flatten it, roll it up and the cut it up. I wasn't aware this was the proper way to eat. Or is it? I have no idea, but this way is "neat". I bet this dish is uncommon enough in Asia that the wait staff serving it would be helpful to most guests. As for taste, the Puff pastry was very rich and didn't go well with the much plainer soup, which was good too but way more subtle in flavour.

I had the french mushroom bisque and it was served in two steps. First the solid mushroom part was presented in a bowl and the waitress poured out the soup in front of me. The mushroom soup had a strong, strong truffle taste. Very good a tad rich but a nice richness. Mushroom itself tastes amazing such a strong truffle taste and I'm not sure whether it actually had truffle in it, or just truffle oil. Regardless, I loved it.

These were just the apps, but before serving the main course they served a palate cleanser. It was a plum drink that was icy and really really strong tasting. I guess that's one way to reset your palate.


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