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Grand Hotel Buffet (2 of 2)

Posted: 03/15/13

Grand Hotel Buffet (2 of 2)

Restaurant: Grand_Hotel Taiwan

Nelson: What is the best way to capture a buffet? I don't know, so I posted (almost) all the pictures. Got any better ideas? Photosynth?

Anyway, there was a very large area of beautiful looking desserts. We arrived just as the buffet was opening, so I perused the deserted desserts.

I know using a stencil and sprinkling powdered sugar on is really easy, but the results are so good!

Chocolate Fudge Cake.


Another cake.


Little cakes and snacks, several of which I took (pictured later)

Green tea cake.

So many different creams and mousses in ramekins and glasses.

Strawberry shortcake.

Swiss rolls integrated into a cake top? Never seen this before.


Cookies! I actually grabbed some on the way out and it came in handy. We did a hike straight up a mountain and weren't prepared with food or water. Glad I had these!

A crepe station! Looked good, but there was such a long lineup that we didn't have any.

What I had. A little of everything that looked interesting.

This scallop looked so good and presented nicely, but was only ok.

Some lighter items hat I took midway through eating.

Desserts! These were quite good. I liked the small size which allowed me to sample more than just one huge slice of cake.

Fruit! The orange had green skin! Dragonfruit in the back too.

Overall a huge amount of variety and some interesting items. The quality was decent for a buffet, but it was still a buffet. Eating this while in the lobby of this beautiful building was worth it though.


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