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Grand Hotel Buffet

Posted: 03/13/13

Grand Hotel Buffet

Restaurant: Grand_Hotel Taiwan

Nelson @ Grand Hotel: This is a famous landmark in Taiwan and a building that you can't miss if you pass by (frequently seen from the subway). It is extravagant looking from the outside and we came here to eat a buffet lunch in the foyer of this building. I always find it tough to portray buffets because I want to capture the variety of the foods, but sometimes the sheer volume of food can be overwhelming. Anyone have a better idea?

We start with this vegetable I have never seen before. It was labelled herba Corallodisci. Not sure exactly what that is, but I tried it. It had a refreshing taste, but it was bitter at the same time. Not something I would regularly eat, but worth a try.

I get the feeling that the hotels serves a lot of foreigners. Especially people from Japan. So many items at the buffet were Japanese.

This is a beautiful looking chirashi. We managed to be the first people into the buffet area, so that is why it was untouched.

Next are some Japanese appetizers and vegetables with sesame sauce. Interesting how they plate each serving.

Of course, a sushi area. Top row has some typical items, like tofu skin, tuna, salmon, white fish and shrimp, but the bottom row has more interesting items like sushi with rainbow coloured seasoning, stuffed squid, rice in a wrap.

The salad bar was filled with many item including the herb I mentioned in the first shot.

It even had a salad full of shrimp! I passed on this, haha.

Cold noodles seem to be very popular with the Japanese people. Full noodle bar here complete with toppings, all on ice to make sure it stays cool.

More Shrimp and mussels.

Full scallops.

Smoked Salmon with all the fixings.

Mixed salads including jellyfish salad, one of my favourites.

Soy/sesame fish, tofu.

Roast chicken and duck.

A full section (not completely pictured) of vegetarian food. Some of it looked really interesting. A lot of variety here.

They had a guy making pasta, but the display strangely was showing it on ice. I don't think it was cold pasta, it was just a strange display. I did not try this.

Fresh oysters and raw fish. Glad this was on ice!

There was a station for freshly made tan tan noodles. Good to see something "Taiwanese" here.

Tempura station. People were waiting for the fresh stuff to come out of the deep fryer. Yup deep fried food popular...everywhere.

Steamed savoury egg popular throughout Japan.

I may have missed this the second time I was there, but they even had a cheese platter. With crackers, raisins and nuts. Weird.

Dim Sum items! Why not?!

Shark fin soup. Not sure if real, but I didn't have any just in case.

There were a variety of stir fried Chinese dishes, but I didn't picture them all here. Lot's of variety.

Bread! All looked good, but I didn't try any. Surprising to see bread like this at an Asian buffet though. Must be for the Westerners if they don't like raw fish in the mornings.

Cooked white fish.

I will post what I picked and the desserts tomorrow


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