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Tako Sushi

Posted: 03/16/13

Tako Sushi

Restaurant: Tako_Sushi Toronto

dre @ Don Mills & Lawrence: We frequent this restaurant for family dinners. My aunt and uncle know the manager, so they always hook us up with extra food. Now that I have a baby to worry about, I frequently miss taking pictures of every course, so here is coincidentally the seafood that we ate.

We had some salmon and tuna rolls that were slightly seared. I tried some sushi again, this time opting for the tuna as I know that I really do not like salmon - cooked or uncooked. It was okay. I still don't really like sashimi.

A plate of sushi came out and I ate some of the rolls. I think they were dynamite rolls or tempura rolls. Every restaurant has a different name for these.

On the grill, we had some stuffed mushrooms. I think they were stuffed with fish paste? I can't remember. They were giant mushrooms.

There were also some oysters. I don't like oysters. Too gooey for me.

Not shown are some of the other things on the grill - the steak, salmon, veggies, and fried rice. Oh and lobsters. There was so much lobster that I was so full.

We ended off the meal with cream brulee with mango and green tea ice cream!

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  • Haven't seen ice cream on top of creme brulee before!
    Nelson @ 2013-03-20

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