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Food Court Lunch

Posted: 03/08/13

Food Court Lunch

Restaurant: Brampton Jimmy_the_Greek Villa_Madina

dre at Bramalea City Centre: I haven't been to the food court in awhile. Now that it's winter and in order not to go stir crazy, the mall is like my second home. One Saturday, we were there for lunch.

I got a Combo Shawarma Plate from Villa Marina - A combination of lightly shredded beef and chicken Shawarma. Served with rice, potatoes, salad, hummus, garlic paste and garnish. Besides the garlic sauce, the meal seemed pretty healthy with the different salads, rice, potatoes and meat. The sauce was really tasty as well and not too spicy.

Similarly, Mike got a pork Souvlaki meal from Jimmy the Greek. It also came with salad, rice, and potatoes. Even though both meals had the same ingredients, the flavours were quite different.

I preferred the shawarma meal over Souvlaki as I found the taste more flavourful.

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