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Late Night Eats aka Breakfast

Posted: 02/21/13

Late Night Eats aka Breakfast

Restaurant: Taiwan

Nelson: After clubbing sometimes the best food is some greasy breakfast foods. We did that Chinese style!

Some warm soy milk that really hits the spot and makes me feel like home. 燒餅油條 is a fritter inside of another flaky flatbread. This one was really dry and I have better (like at home), but once it was dipped it became better.

One of my favourites, egg in a green onion pancake. This one also was really dry for some reason. Maybe because it was so late at night, the food wasn't very fresh.

Lastly are some steamed buns. These were no where near as good as the Din TaiFung.

Oh well, it wasn't very good overall, but it satisfied a craving.


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