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Din Tai Fung (2 of 2)

Posted: 02/15/13

Din Tai Fung (2 of 2)

Restaurant: Din_Tai_Fung Taiwan

Nelson: We also ordered some unique items including this steam vegetarian mushroom dumpling (NT$220/CAD$7.50). Personally I didn't like this one too much, but it's nice to see there are options for vegetarians.

Vegetable and ground pork wonton with special sauce (NT$140). As far as I could tell, the special sauce was just soy sauce.

The left is the mushroom and vegetable dumpling while the one on the right is suppose to have pork in it, but I can't see any. These were ok. The steamed buns (xiaolongbao) from the previous day's post were much better.

Sauteed string beans with minced pork (NT$90). Well made with just the right amount of cooking to make the green beans crisp yet cooked. After making it at home, I know how difficult it can be.

Shrimp and pork pot stickers (NT$160) that looked like a block of dough. I've seen the crisp dough extend out like this before but never in a perfect square shape.

It almost looks like the crisp part is separate from the dumpling park of it. Nonetheless tasty.

Onto the desserts, and of course they are steamed buns. The large ones are sesame buns (NT$105) which we split in half for the six people at our table.

These steamed red bean dumplings (NT$160) look like regular xiaolongbao except filled to the max.

Inside you can see how filled these buns are with the sweet filling (red bean on left, sesame on the right). I enjoyed these immensely as they aren't too sweet, but are still appropriately dessert.

What more can I say about Din Tai Fung? They make perfect xiaolongbao and are the best in the world. Period.


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