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Din Tai Fung (1 of 2)

Posted: 02/13/13

Din Tai Fung (1 of 2)

Restaurant: Din_Tai_Fung Taiwan

Nelson: No visit to Taiwan is complete without visiting Din Tai Fung and tasting their perfect steamed buns (小籠包). Once again we visited their larger location because their original location is too small.

First, some vegetables, spicy pickled cucumbers (NT$65/$2.25). It's nice how they arrange it as presentation is rare for Chinese restaurants.

To mix it up we had some noodles with spicy sesame and peanut sauce (NT$100/$3.40). Also presented nicely and very tasty.

Would you believe this small plate of stir-fry pea shoots is NT$360/$12.15! It is one of the most expensive vegetables, but it also tastes really good. It is very tender and has a slightly sweet, slightly bitter pleasant mild taste.

Ok, here are the dumplings. We tried a whole bunch including the pork xiaolongbao (NT$190), Crab roe and pork (NT$330) and the green squash and shrimp xiaolongbao (NT$320) which is pictured here, while the other ones look very similar from the outside and are not pictured.

The best part of these dumplings is that it comes on a wet cloth piece that makes it not stick and therefore you can lift them out without breaking. Although two are slightly touching in this picture, they didn't stick together. The most important part of steamed dumplings is to preserve the juice inside, and most restaurants fail by allowing the skin to stick to something and break apart.

Also, at this restaurant, the dumplings come out at the perfect temperature to eat, so you won't burn yourself. Eat them fast as you wouldn't want them to get cool! This attention to detail is what sets Din Tai Fung apart from most other places.

This is a set of steamed shrimp and pork dumplings (NT$210) (not xiao long bao).

I bit into these and sucked the juice out in order to take these pictures for you, my readers. On the left is the green squash and shrimp, while the right is the pork. The squash adds a different type of texture to the xiaolongbao and is nice for a bit of variety. The original pork one is classic.

On the left is the shrimp/pork full size dumpling and right is the crab roe and pork. The roe adds a bit of saltiness and seafood taste to it.

I'll post the rest of the meal next, but here is a parting shot of the mass of workers in the glass walled kitchen slaving away at making the perfect xiaolongbao!


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