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Christmas Day Feast

Posted: 02/20/13

Christmas Day Feast

Restaurant: none

dre: We hosted Mike's family for Christmas this year, so I decided to make a turkey. This was my third time baking a turkey, so I was a little nervous. It wasn't too hard, but I overcooked it a bit and it was dry. Also, because there were so much other food, there were many leftovers and I ended up eating turkey for the next 2 weeks after Christmas.

Mike made roasted potatoes and they were really good! His grandma really like them and I gave her some leftovers to take home. Mike is getting really good at making roasted potatoes. They get better and better each time. Good thing he's a perfectionist and strives for the best. We are such opposites.

Mike's mom made spare ribs and they were so tasty.

Mike's aunt brought butter chicken and tandoori beef (not shown) with some roti and naan. I enjoyed it as I haven't had butter chicken in a long time! The beef was extremely spicy.

Mike and I also made some sausage cornbread stuffing. We got the recipe from my cousin who made it last year and we really liked it. The cornbread was easy to bake. I'm going to make it again just to eat as muffin form. The stuffing was all right. I found it a little too sweet, perhaps too much cornbread and not enough sausage. I topped the stuffing with potato chips for some extra crunch.

Mike's cousin made a salad with many different ingredients, including sauteed mushrooms, tomatoes, tangerines, cranberries and a light dressing.

The meal was really really tasty and there was so much food!


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