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Christmas Day Dim Sum

Posted: 02/18/13

Christmas Day Dim Sum

Restaurant: Grand_Chinese_Cuisine Toronto

dre @ Doubletree Hotel: As per our annual Christmas tradition, we go to Grand Chinese Cuisine after church service on Christmas day. It was very busy there, as it was probably one of the only restaurants opened on Christmas day. There are no carts rolling around, so we had to pick our dishes from the menu.

The har gow came out first. They weren't anything special and even the presentation wasn't fancy.

The siu long bao came out next. I was disappointed that there were only 4. Usually it comes in 6!

BBQ pork buns and tofu skin rolls

Sticky rice in a lotus wrap. I love the look of the wrap, but the portions are so small!

Then the food started coming out fast, so I took one big picture to capture it all - BBQ pork steamed bun, BBQ pork pastry, vegetarian rice noodle rolls with spinach, siu mai (pork dumplings), and another dumpling with shrimp and pork.

Spare ribs at the back and rice noodles with fritter rolls inside. Those were really good. They also charged XL size for them!

Seafood soup served with a fancy stand that had a candle underneath to keep the soup hot.

Tripe - my favourite, although these ones weren't that good.

Pepper, eggplant and tofu with shrimp paste on top. These came out and no one ate them. By this time, we got full.

Rice noodle rolls with fish.

Fried noodles and fried rice cakes. These dishes are so small! I wonder how much they charge for these.

Dessert is my favourite "lao sa bao" - hot creamy custard inside a steamed bun.

Fancy dim sum for a special occasion. I wouldn't come here on a regular basis.

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  • What is the rice noodle with fritter stuffed with? I don't think I've seen that before
    Nelson @ 2013-02-19
  • It was some sort of meat, I think pork
    dre @ 2013-02-19

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