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Tuxedo Cake

Posted: 02/12/13

Tuxedo Cake

Restaurant: none

dre: For my family Christmas dinner, I attempted to make a Tuxedo Cake. I saw the recipe in a Kraft magazine. The picture looked so good, so I sought out to get all the ingredients.

First, I baked the cake using a cake mix in 2 different pans. Then I attempted to cut each of the cakes in half. That was pretty hard and one of the cakes kept breaking on me.

I stacked the four pieces, layering a cream cheese icing mixture in-between.

Next, I covered the cake with the rest of the cream cheese mixture. The icing was incredibly sweet and my teeth hurt after licking a small bit.

Then I melted some chocolate and poured it on top. Clearly, the cake did not look like the picture in the recipe. The professionals had a utensil to smooth out the icing.

As for taste, it was way too sweet. It was good, but just too sweet. Next time, I'm going to Costco to buy their tuxedo cake. That is my favourite!

For the rest of the dinner, we had curry fish balls, shepherd's pie, turkey, spicy pulled pork, scalloped potatoes, and a couple more dishes that I forgot to take pictures of. Call it mommy brain.


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