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Fancy Hotpot/Grill in Taipei (2 of 2)

Posted: 02/03/13

Fancy Hotpot/Grill in Taipei (2 of 2)

Restaurant: Master_燒匠 Taiwan

Nelson @ Ximending: These photos are more focused on the hot pot aspect of the meal as opposed to the grilling part. We actually neglected a lot of the hot pot portion because we were concentrating on cooking on the grill, but near the end of the meal we threw items into the boiling water. It starts with a lot of vegetables and mushrooms, but we some filled it with other stuff.

Like live shrimp! They were so fresh, they were still moving on the skewer! While I was taking pictures/video, the people around me were getting mad because the shrimp would flick it's tail and spray water everywhere. As soon as I was done, we cooked them.

A whole crab, snails and squid. No one wanted to eat the crab, yet it was one of the first items the wait staff brought out. Near the end, I couldn't let a whole crab go to waste, so I put it in the hot pot and ate it. It turned out to be incredibly good. I'm so glad I didn't pass it up. It turns out that crab are in season at this time of the year (Nov) and later on in the trip we gorged ourselves on some fresh crab. But I had a nice preview of it for myself at this AYCE restaurant. Oh yeah, snails just taste like seafood.

Here is our hot pot near the end of the meal, with a whole bunch of mushrooms and vegetables and balls.

Here is a sample of the variety of balls. There was also the noodles you squeeze out in a pipet among various other hot pot items. It was difficult to take pictures throughout this meal since my hands were so dirty.

This is the large variety of ingredients you can use to make your dipping sauce for the hot pot/grill. It's always so fun to make this!

These sticks are a type of dessert. I think they are rice based sweetened in two different flavours and the become sticky once you cook them on ....

the grill. And once they start getting a coat on them you take it off the grill...

Dip it in the condensed milk on the left and then in the crushed nuts on the right. Yummy and fun!

This is the display of the various desserts and fruit. For a buffet, it wasn't actually that big, but it was good enough for me.

Kitty tried some passion fruit/lilikoa. It was no where near as good as the ones we had in Hawaii.

They also had some ice cream, mango and green tea. These were better than I expected for a buffet.

I had a selection of fruit including papaya, yellow watermelon, kiwi as well as a egg tart pastry (not very good) and a cookie.

Overall, a really good quality hot pot/grill/sushi location. It came out to around $25.5 per person and it was AYCE sushi, AYCE grill AYCE hot pot and AYCD with some quality ingredients! Have it all!


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