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Old Amsterdam Gouda Cheese

Posted: 01/28/13

Old Amsterdam Gouda Cheese

Restaurant: none

DISCLAIMER - This sample was provided to me for free

Nelson: Les Dependances, the exclusive Canadian importer of Old Amsterdam was nice enough to send a sample of Old Amsterdam's one and only Gouda cheese. I'm not an expert on cheese, but I enjoy eating it and do so almost every single day. According to wikipedia, Gouda is an old Dutch yellow cheese made from cow's milk. According to the Old Amsterdam website it goes well with a variety of foods as well as an ingredient in cooking, but I just ate it with some crackers.

The first thing I noticed was the strong fragrance of the cheese. It would probably freak my BiteMe partner Andrea out, but I didn't mind. The taste is much milder than the smell, with the strongest component consisting of a nice saltiness. Not too rich, but still having a unique taste, I liked it overall. Judging by how quickly it was eaten by my guests I had over yesterday, they enjoyed it as well.

I also learned a lesson in cheese storage. Apparently the best way is with wax paper to allow it to breath, but I used cling wrap instead. When I took it out the next day it was a bit dried out and wasn't as good as the day before. I will have to buy some for next time. :(


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