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Japan Airlines Flight Meal

Posted: 01/27/13

Japan Airlines Flight Meal

Restaurant: Japan_Airlines

Nelson: It was so sad to be leaving Japan, but at least we got one more Japanese meal on the flight out. The meal was like a mini Kaiseki meal with a lot of variety and small items. The last miso soup of the trip was for once not too salty! The rice came with some smoked mackerel and I thought it was soso. I really enjoyed the cookies and cream Haaen-Dazs though and it was my favourite part of the meal. It must have been tough keeping it frozen for airline customers.

Here is a bit more detail on the contents in the box. In the upper left, two fish balls in different batters with tonkatsu sauce underneath. Tasted alright, probably better when hot. The flower like object in the top box is a fish dumpling which was not good at all. Upper right is pickled bamboo shoots and carrots and it was my favourite.

In the lower left is tofu like thing (under the carrot) that was good along with some beans that went well together. In the lower middle box, the egg (tamago) was really good, while the large pice above the egg is a piece of chicken with spinach underneath that was ok. The pickled daikon in the bottom right was OK and surprisingly not vinegary.

I tried the Kirin beer that was "brewed for good times". What an awesome slogan! It should be brought to North America! Lastly we had one of favourite drinks, plum wine, but it was alcoholy. So overall better food than Air Canada, but I think there is better airline food out there somewhere.


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  • Thank you for sharing your sharing your Japanese eating adventures. It was a great read!
    Sue @ 2013-01-27

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