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Southeast Asian cuisine in Japan

Posted: 01/26/13

Southeast Asian cuisine in Japan

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Yokohoma: Uh yeah, we went to the airport a day early :( When we booked our flight, we changed the date at the last moment and forgot to update our planning calendar appropriately. It was really dumb, made even worse by the fact that Narita airport is so far away and expensive to get to. We basically wasted our day. So instead of leaving with a bang, we left Japan on a whimper.

We slinked back to my aunt's place since Kitty forgot her shoes there and we went out to this place serving Southeast Asian food, which includes Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese and Indonesian. I don't think many restaurants in Toronto have this much variety, but to me it was a warning sign that the meal wouldn't be very good.

The classic Thai tom yum kung soup was altered to include noodles for ¥1380/$15.50. The better have done something extra for that price! Even though it seemed inauthentic, adding noodles to this sour tasting soup was better than expected.

The pork and pineapple fried rice (¥880/$10) was pretty good and included large pineapple chunks, but the quantity was tiny.

The Thai red curry (¥950/$10.50) with shrimp had 2 fires and turned out to spicy and even more so if you ate the chili peppers (duh...). It had 4 large shrimp inside that you can't see in the picture. It wasn't too rich, just spicy. It came with some coconut rice topped with fried garlic chips.

But the real highlight to me was looking at the price for pho. One of the cheapest meals you can find here, partly because it is so cheap in cost, partly because there is a lot of competition, partly because of the many Vietnamese people settled here, but in Japan, none of this is true. Pho cost $12 CAD for one bowl. Yowza.


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