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Tsukiji Fish Market

Posted: 01/25/13

Tsukiji Fish Market

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Tsukiji Fish Market: On our last day we visited the famous Tsukiji Fish Market and we tried to attend the tuna auction. I set the alarm too late and we arrived 15 minutes after the line starts (5:30AM) and missed out on it completely. We'll have to try for this next time. As a result we we only able to walk around the market area. Many of the restaurants in the market were opening at 7AM or had already opened and had gigantic lineups. Since we were planning to go the airport in the morning we walked just outside the market to this 24 hour sushi place.

We ordered this sushi platter for ¥3675/$41. We sat at the bar and got to watch the chef make every single piece.

Let's start with the botan shrimp. It was huge and had a pleasant sweet taste. Next to it you can see the tomago from Tsukiji Marutake, which was pretty sweet and enjoyable, but could have been a little fresher. You get a new sense of appreciation of tomago after watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I passed by stores in the market selling exclusively this item and now understand why. Also, the real leaf is appreciated.

We had the chance to watch the chef blow torch the eel. It tasted very strong and was only soso. On the right is the sakhalin surf clam which was new to me, but I didn't like it very much as it was too fishy.

The common cuttlefish on the left was pretty good, while the (real) snow crab was decent. On the right is jack mackerel garnished with some ginger and chives. It was ok.

The uni on the right was good and didn't have too strong of a taste that sometimes turns me off from it. The salmon roe was one of the best pieces here, not too fishy and soft in texture. Maybe it had to do with it being in season or something.

In the middle, the white one is fresh sea bass. It wasn't very memorable. It was flanked by chutoro on the left, which was good, but not as good as my first chutoro experience. The Otoro on the right was also good, but not as fatty as my best experience ever. It was good, but not excellent.

Overall, this was no where near as good as my Omakase experience, but the price was not comparable, so it can't be compared. It was still better than anything in Toronto.


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