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Authentic Izakaya

Posted: 01/24/13

Authentic Izakaya

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Tsukishima: After dinner I wanted to visit an Izakaya as we hadn't yet on the trip. Right now Toronto is going through a Ramen craze, but the last two years it was a Japanese Izakaya craze. Even though there are popular Izakaya chains in Japan we walked around and found this hole in the wall for a more authentic experience. Unlike the expensive experience that visiting an Izakaya in Toronto can be, in Japan it originally started as a cheap casual place for people to go drink after work. Now of course they have a range of options, but this one we visited was definitely very casual and cheap. It was on street level, open air and rowdy. It also featured Chinese owners, but all the customers were Japanese salary men.

Of course the main attraction here is the drinking. I had to have a beer here and we tried a plum wine as well.

For food, you have to order off paper on the walls. I'm not sure if these came for free or we paid for them, but we got a potato salad. As I was finding out throughout the trip, this is a really popular dish throughout Japan, even though it is not traditionally Japanese.

The ever popular pickled vegetables, although this set was more like vinegared vegetables.

We ordered a plate of tuna sashimi. Often dishes are meant to be shared, but this plate was gigantic, absolutely overflowing with fish. I don't remember the cost, but it was really cheap too, probably the best value for fish on the entire trip. The only downside was that the quality was not very good. We unfortunately didn't finish this portion and it was because of a combination of the size and quality.

This last picture I just threw in because we got this as a snack while walking by a bakery. This melon bun is a popular item from Japan, but doesn't actually taste of melon. The crust is just sugar based and I suppose it only kinda looks like a melon.

If I ever go back to Japan I definitely want to try out different Izakayas, but this one was a very authentic experience and I am grateful for it. Now if only visiting a Toronto was as cheap!


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