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Yakitori - Grilled Chicken Organs

Posted: 01/21/13

Yakitori - Grilled Chicken Organs

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ 246 Common: We were just walking around Harajuku in the late afternoon and discovered that dining establishments were on break. Fortunately we stumbled upon this food cart/farmer market called 246 Common. After wandering around the various stands we decided to try something new - yakitori. Yakitori is skewered chicken or chicken offal grilled over charcoal. That "or" is the key here, as I didn't realize how many organs I would be eating when I ordered the 5 skewer variety pack (¥700/$7.75) from this cute, innocent stand.

From the very top we start with the chicken skin. Pretty normal, right? It was salty though and tasted as you would expect. Good start so far.

The fourth from the bottom is chicken knuckle. This one was the most normal tasting one.

The remaining three I have trouble identifying, but I do know they were liver, heart and gizzard. One of them was better than the others, which I think was the heart (2nd from top?), while I think the liver was soso (bottom?) and the gizzard was too strong which I didn't like. I'm guessing as I can't identify each one, but regardless they are all chicken organ meats, grilled and heavily spiced. Kitty didn't like this snack at all.

We polished off this meal with a Hitachino Nest white ale from another vendor. It was slightly sweet and washed away the taste of the skewers.

So I'm not a big fan of yakitori when it consists of chicken organs. I'll try (almost) anything once!


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