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MOS Burger

Posted: 01/18/13

MOS Burger

Restaurant: Japan MOS_Burger

Nelson @ Shibuya: MOS burger is the largest Japanese fast food chain in Japan. I saw this all over Taiwan, but never visited, knowing that it originated in Japan. Well not that I'm in Japan I tried it out.

It's burger joint tuned to Japanese tastes. We probably should have tried the classic MOS burger with some chili on the beef patty, but instead we opted for something more unique. We tried the Shrimp Cutlet Burger. The shrimp is breaded and deep fried and topped with some cabbage and tartar sauce. It also had a bit of a curry taste to it as well. The good thing is that it came out really hot, but it didn't taste very shrimpy. I didn't mind the smaller size than North American size of the burger and at ¥350/$3.85 I can't complain about the price. Meh.

Also, I couldn't resist taking a picture of some of the stool seats because there were personal power outlets built into the wall! Awesome!


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