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Pine Tree - Stuck in the 1980's

Posted: 01/15/13

Pine Tree - Stuck in the 1980's

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Atami: I would say this is a 1980's style diner, but I think it really is stuck in the 1980's when Atami was a booming resort town. Or maybe this is the Japanese equivalent of a 1950's style diner in the USA. Or maybe the recession is so bad in Japan that they haven't been able to update their restaurant since the 1980's. No matter, because it was totally awesome since the tables were arcade machines! My kinda place! We sat at a table that could play two player Tetris for ¥100 a play. There were also arcade tables that had Space Invaders and a Japanese RPG. You can see the Tetris screen in some of the pictures.

Since this was a morning/lunch snack we ordered some desserts and savoury items. On the left is a strawberry ice cream and on the right is a fruit with jelly.

There was an abundance of different types of sweetened fruit on top, but it also had two different types of jelly. You can see in the first picture that the glass had a built-in divider so that on the left is some jelly with red bean on the on the right is some clear jelly. A scoop of ice cream completed this lovely dessert.

The strawberry ice cream came with smoke flowing out of it. The larger glass holds some dry ice with a smaller glass (rippled edge) containing the food inside. It made for a neat effect and you can check out the video here or rotated here. The taste was not unique, but it was still good.

For savoury items we had some bacon waffles, topped with an egg. Sounded better on the menu than it was in reality though. It had spaghetti sauce over the waffles as well, which made it even stranger. The bacon was crisper than any I have had before in Japan, but it was still not like the typical North American bacon.

Lastly is some bruschetta, served on a piece of thick toast.

A retro experience that I'm unsure was intentional or not. The most important thing is that I won 2-0 in Tetris against Jeff!


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  • Fantastic!
    where in japan is this?
    the bruscheta and the icecream with the smoke brings back memories
    Apostolos @ 2013-01-15
  • This is in the resort town of Atami, near Hakone
    Nelson @ 2013-01-16

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