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New Fujiya Hotel Breakfast Buffet

Posted: 01/13/13

New Fujiya Hotel Breakfast Buffet

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Atami: Japanese people traditionally have natto for breakfast. Natto is fermented soy beans with a strong flavour and slimy texture. I do not like it, but our Japanese host, Rino loves it. Must be an acquired taste. The scent is so strong they have to package it separately in a sealed container!

Stir fry vegetables for breakfast is something I don't see often. Even thought this dish may be for the Chinese people, I don't recall having this for breakfast ever. On the right is a mix of root vegetables and such, which I think is a vegetarian dish.

Make your own Miso soup. It seems like Japanese people eat this with every single meal!

Vinegared mushrooms and seaweed (I think).

Bread without crusts! Seems so wasteful, but I have seen this multiple times. Do Japanese people really hate crusts that much? Next to it are some more normal rolls.

Hard boiled eggs and pickled prunes.

I have more questions like why is potato salad so popular in Japan?

Small dried white fish. Maybe I should have tried tasting this as it seems to be fairly common.

Little mini omelettes and hash.

Bad tasting sausages and Japanese style siu mai.

Salmon fish and fruit. Only pinapple and oranges this time, both not of high quality or ripe.

The whole grilled fish that is ever so popular in Japan for breakfast.

Tomago, better made than the Western style eggs.

Salad bar, which I am not used to seeing for breakfast. And this was definitely breakfast, not brunch.

You can see the limp bacon I tried near the top left. Their bacon is never crisp for some reason and to me, doesn't compare to North American bacon. Not sure why I took the prune (top right), I do not like them.

I like having fruit and often on vacation it is difficult to get enough. In the top right is an eggy, custardy warm soup, which I liked.

The hotel was so large that having a large buffet was the only way to efficiently feed so many people. What I don't get is how they accommodate so many people with just three small baths? The weirdest experience at this hotel was talking to some Japanese people in the bath and then when they were leaving, they took pictures of us while we were naked. Um, yeah. I was with my white friend Jeff, and I attribute it to them wanting pictures with him, but it was still a weird experience - even for Jeff.

Like I mentioned before, the next time in Japan I want to experience a true Ryokan experience.


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