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New Fujiya Hotel Dinner Buffet (2 of 2)

Posted: 01/13/13

New Fujiya Hotel Dinner Buffet (2 of 2)

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Atami: It was all-you-can-eat, but also all-you-can-drink! Crazy! I don't think that would work well in North America. They had all you can drink sake from the cartons (right), but the best part is how to get the beer. Yes, it comes out of a tap, but you put your glass into the machine and it automatically tilts before pouring to prevent too much head! Those crazy Japaense people! I like it!

Also Sunotry Whisky from a pump dispenser. Stay classy New Fujiya!

From the first part you may be wondering if there was fish. The answer is yes. This is some of the sashimi that was available. Notice how it is portioned out so that people won't take too much. It's a good idea.

On the left is some sort of chicken in a tomato sauce. Not sure if Italian or Indian. Sure that I didn't try it. On the right is the ever popular way for Japanese to consume beef: thin slices.

I think this one is another vegetarian dish with shoot and peppers. I didn't try it though.

The deep fried section had spring rolls and fish.

Breaded shrimp. So you can get two type of deep fried shrimp here, either with tempura batter or breaded batter.

They had a whole section of sushi. The tofu skin wrapping on the right and a white fish on the left.

This next fish I have never seen before. Must have taken a lot of labour to place each one just so.

Eel Sushi

A whole bunch more including egg, shrimp, salmon, squid and tuna. Even though they had a whole table of sushi, it was picked clean very quickly.

Cold buckwheat noodles! They also had some soba noodles (not pictured)

Plus all the toppings for the noodles. I wish we had more of this here.

Finally some of the desserts. This one I make at home, almond tofu with fruit salad. Always tasty.

Some mochi covered with matcha and another flavour (?)

Surprisingly they had very few Western style desserts. Maybe they aren't as popular in Japan? Or maybe it's too expensive.

They only had two types of fruit, honeydew and grapes. The honeydew was not ripe and I took a whole bunch of grapes hoping they would be just as good as the ones I had from my aunt. They were not as good :(

Here is my first plate of food. Kitty really liked how the plates were compartmentalized, so here foods wouldn't mix and touch. It might look a little cafeteria-like, but I have to admit it is very practical at a buffet.

I didn't end up eating too much crab. Also didn't end up drinking too much :(

The desserts and a tempura shrimp. I had the shrimp because a new batch came out when I walked by.

This is an inexpensive ryokan and I suppose the food reflects that. Some tables were really pounding the drinks back, so I suppose they got good value out of this.


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