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New Fujiya Hotel Dinner Buffet

Posted: 01/12/13

New Fujiya Hotel Dinner Buffet

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Atami: The New Fujiya Hotel is one of the original big hotels in this resort town and it is definitely showing its age. The interior looks like it might have been great in the 80's, but now it just looks dated and old or (smoky and stained). Nevertheless it was (relatively inexpensive) and they had rooms available.

The dinner was huge buffet with all kinds of cuisines. By far the best part of the meal were the crab legs. They even put them out on plates ready for you take. That is either service or a smart way to restrict the quantity you take.

Other good seafood includes clams. Slightly different from the ones we have here, this batch was slightly overcooked.

A lot of variety here including pizza! They had multiple types, but I didn't try any. I have never had pizza in Asia yet, but this one looked like normal Italian pizza without the crazy toppings I've heard about.

To continue the Italian theme, pasta! I didn't try this either.

This is rare beef. They cut such small pieces that were very rare. Not sure if that's what Japanese people expect of a Western style prime rib or they just like it really really raw. I had it, and it was nothing special.

The tempura station had a variety of foods including some eggplant and of course the classic shrimp. They were making fresh batches that were quickly snapped up.

Bucket-o-shrimp. So much of it, but I didn't have any.

I think they get a lot of Chinese guests (cheap, AYCE and crab legs draws them in I bet). On the right is some Chinese fried noodles and on the left is actually some sort of Indian curry. What!

Scalloped potatoes and Swedish meatballs. Yes, I'm in Japan.

On the left is a dish with eight different vegetables. On the right is mapo eggplant. I guess these are for the vegetarians.

Double boiled pork, Chinese style. Right I think is some sort of tofu dish. Generally all the Chinese dishes did not look very good. I wonder what the Chinese people think when they come here. At least some of the food is familiar to them. Judging from the duckling tours, eating Chinese food all the time seems to be important for Chinese people.

Japanese people love their pickled vegetables. Cucumber and daikon.

This was a gigantic pot of Oden. Usually this looks appetizing, but when presented this way, it definitely did not.

On the left is some sesame chicken (can't ever escape, right?) and on the right I think is some karage.

Western style salad.

On the left is coleslaw that seemed pretty popular. ON the right is a Korean style vergtable dish. I think Japan has a lot of Korean tourists as well, which explains the Korean dishes.

On the left was a gigantic pot (hard to judge the scale in the photo, but trust me it was huge) of seafood stew. Again this didn't look that appetizing and I was feeling adventurous enough to try it.

I think this one on the right was shoots and peppers. It didn't look very appetizing, but at least vegetarians had some options.

Takoyaki doesn't look that appetizing when it's served from a bowl, but they were really popular.

Here are the rest of the Korean dishes, including their fried chicken, I think liver and a vegetarian mix.

But maybe the "best" part was the AYCE drinks that I'll post tomorrow!


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