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Ryokan Breakfast

Posted: 01/10/13

Ryokan Breakfast

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ ウェルハートピア熱海: As I mentioned before, breakfast in included when you stay at a Ryokan. This one was buffet style and a mix of Japanese and Western. Or maybe Japanese with western food made Japanese. For example eggs. They only serve eggs in square shapes! Also undercooked bacon.

This is the Japanese part. Noodles and fish and more fish. Fish is important for the Japanese.

So important that it you can get whole dried fish for breakfast.

Or smaller cuts of other fish.

Or deep fried (although this may have been gluten, I'm not sure.

Like Chinese people, congee in the morning is available.

Pickled eggplant and a beef stew. Thinly sliced beef seems to be one of the most popular ways to consume beef in Japan, while it is virtually non existent here.

Noodles that are kept hot, as well as tofu.

Western style food, sausages and scrambled egg. The sausages did not taste right for some reason.

Corn flakes! This hotel has no English on their website and non of the staff speak english, so I don't imagine they get many Westerners, yet there is still corn flakes. Oh yeah, and noodles.

Tamagoyaki (Egg).

Many, many pickled vegetables. Japanese people seem to really love their pickled vegetables.

But they also have raw greens as well. Isn't a little strange to see this for breakfast?

Western style bread that I was surprised to see.

A shot of what I tried. I'm not use to eating so much fish in the morning, but I gave it a shot.

I also had to eat a square egg. The bacon was not my favourite, but at least the sweet egg bread was good. On the right is a coffee jelly. Strange to find here.

Some banana, lychee, strawberry yogurt and fruit salad to finish the meal.

Also to continue the Japanese theme of having miso soup last, there were ready to pour miso soups. I didn't have any this time and can't report whether it was too salty for me.


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