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Ryokan Dinner

Posted: 01/08/13

Ryokan Dinner

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ ウェルハートピア熱海: Japanese style hotels called Ryokans are known for their elaborate dinners oftentimes served Kaiseki style (tasting menu). This is partly why they are so expensive as the meal itself usually runs from $100-$200 /person, making the $300-$400 hotel stay not seem so absurdly expensive. We went to a really inexpensive one, so our meal wasn't that fancy, but did include a lot of dishes and variety.

The best part of the meal was the live abalone, something the area around Atami is famous for. It is very different from the Abalone we have in North America which is usually dried.

Asian cultures also consider the Abalone an aphrodisiac and I think I have figured out why. I should have turned it for the picture, but what does the Abalone look like to you? Outer set of rough lips, an inner set of smooth lips, a knot at one end (left), etc, etc. Maybe not the exact proportions, but yes, the Abalone looks like a vagina. In tomorrow's post I will eat it.

The rest of the meal started with the cold appetizer items. Surprisingly this was NOT our nemesis, tororo that we happened upon so often. Instead it was an eggy tofu.

This was vinegared food including a fish piece (left), cucumber (back), eggplant (right) and roll (front). It seemed like it was soaking too long and as a result everything was wet and mushy. Also, it may be because we arrived at dinner a little late due to some confusion finding each other after the bath since sexes are separated.

These pickled vegetables were a little salty, but I liked them.

This plate of sashimi included squid in front, tuna obscured but on the left, mackarel is on the right and snapper in the middle. The Squid sashimi was slimy and unpleasant, but the tuna and snapper was good, while the mackarel seemed very raw but had a surprisingly nice nice flavour.

Lasty is the Shabu Shabu portion of the meal where they separated the beef slices from the vegetables with some clear plastic. That was considerate.

You can see the setup used to cook the Abalone and the shabu shabu. Come back tomorrow to see the cooked foods including the vagina Abalone!


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