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Ryokan Welcome Snacks

Posted: 01/07/13

Ryokan Welcome Snacks

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Atami: A Ryokan is a traditional Japanese hotel that serves dinner as well as breakfast the next day. They can be pricey ($100-$400/person), but with some help from my aunt we stayed at two relatively inexpensive ones. Check-in is in the afternoon, as you are expected to go to the baths before before dinner.

What I didn't know was that once you check in to your room, there is a welcoming snack as well! Tea is provided as well to go with the snack. This one is a simple red bean paste between two soft green tea biscuits.

This other Ryokan had many more snacks, but on that day we happened to not be hungry so we saved them for later while drinking the tea on the spot. This is a wasabi sesame sand. Weird, but not very flavourful.

The fat packages had a red bean jelly inside that was really sticky and sweeter than most red bean desserts.

Lastly is a shrimp cracker. It is a really nice touch to have snacks upon entering your room. Such a small expense for the hotel, but makes the guests feel disproportionately welcome.


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