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Yoshinoya - Beef Bowl

Posted: 01/06/13

Yoshinoya - Beef Bowl

Restaurant: Japan Yoshinoya

Nelson @ Osaka: Fast food is different in Japan. One of their most popular fast food places is Yoshinoya, serving gyūdon (beef bowls). We just happened to come here during business lunch time and it was packed, but at the same time I feel I had an authentic experience because of it. There was a line out of the door for this place, but it was moving quickly. Once we entered, we saw that there were islands of bar stool self seating with a server in the middle of the island. Once a seat opened up we sat down, were handed a small menu and were expected to order quickly. Once we ordered, the food almost came out immediately! So fast!

We ordered the classic beef bowl (¥380/$4.30), which consisted of thinly cut beef fried with some onions marinated in soya sauce and all on top of rice. You can get sides, larger sizes and egg as well for a little extra, but we opted not to. Not the best quality beef (lot's of tendon), but it was a hot filling meal. Can't complain.

Kitty tried their curry (¥390/$4.40) and it turned out to be all vegetables except for the egg. Once again, hot and filling.

Kitty's dish also unexpectedly came with a side of pickled vegetables. Usually not a huge fan, but I ate them all as they were pretty tasty.

Since it was lunch hour we got to see all the people hurry in and out. Most people just ate quickly and left. And having the server in the middle made everything that much more efficient. I enjoyed experiencing the hustle and bustle of this Japanese fast food joint.

Their motto is "tasty, low-priced, and quick". I would have to agree on all counts.


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