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Kobe Beef in Kobe (3 of 3)

Posted: 01/05/13

Kobe Beef in Kobe (3 of 3)

Restaurant: Japan Setsugetsuka

Nelson @ Kobe: Not much more to say about the meal after the Kobe beef was served, but you will notice that it was a small portion.

I forgot to post this earlier, but we were served this near the beginning as the seafood described in the menu turned out to be squid. At first we thought it was fish as it didn't appear to have the rubbery texture of squid, but we were mistaken. The texture was not slimy or filmy, just firm almost to the point where I couldn't believe it was squid. It had a nice wine taste to it as well. Although not necessarily the most luxurious of foods, this squid was the best I've ever had. Who knows, maybe it was octopus, as the waiter had trouble articulating what it was, but it was good.

After the beef we were served lightly vinegared daikon and cucumber to cleanse the palate, but I seemed to have deleted the picture.

The last main dish to our meal was the kobe beef fried rice. There was an option to have steam rice instead, but that would be crazy. The chef starts by pouring oil and cooking a large mass of garlic. Love it already.

The chef drains the oil and keeps the cooked garlic to the side to be added later. I love garlic and I was liking where this was headed.

Then they bring out some more Kobe beef and cook it along with the rice and egg. Now we thought our main cook to our right was making this batch for us, but as it turns out the guy on our left was making our batch. Can you see a difference?

Our original chef on the right looks like he's mixing it up well while keeping it very neat.

The guy on our left, making our portion was very messy in comparison. But the worst part is that our chef threw out the garlic!!! Well according to Kitty which she mentioned after the meal, but if so I'm disappointed.

It turns out that I could taste the garlic and I'm not sure whether the oil imparted all the flavour or whether there was actual garlic in the rice. It wasn't very beefy, but had more garlic, black pepper and soy sauce taste with a firey touch and a tiny bit of crunch. And it came off the teppanyaki hot and fresh. Good stuff.

As usual we finished the meal with a miso soup. Once again it was too salty for my liking, but this one was not fishy at all.

At this point of the meal we were also served some fermented tea.

Finally to finish the meal we had Persimmon, fig, grape, pear (in increasing order of sweetness) and all good very good.

This was the most expensive meal of the trip, but I saw many places where Kobe beef was much more expensive. Was it worth the approximately $275 dollars? Go back and look at my second post again, because it most definitely was worth it.


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