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Casa Victoria Fine Dining

Posted: 02/10/13

Casa Victoria Fine Dining

Restaurant: Casa_Victoria_Fine_Dining Markham

dre @ Warden and Hwy 7: We came here for a typical 10-course Chinese dinner, or so I thought! There were some neat variations to this meal.

We started off with roasted pork and jellyfish. The skin was nice and crunchy and jellyfish was yummy.

The second dish was really interesting. Instead of a crab claw, we got this conch shell. Inside was baked chicken curry and vegetables. It was really really tasty.

I learned that shark fin's soup is no longer illegal in Toronto, as I was surprised to see it here.

We got some abalone with broccoli in a nicely shaped ball. I was never a fan of abalone, but now I will always see the vagina shape that Nelson has taught me haha.

Next is the roasted chicken. This was really juicy.

My favourite dish is the king mushrooms with pea shoots! I love mushrooms and I love pea shoots!

Always by the lobster dish, people are getting really full. I still had a couple of pieces.

I think hardly anyone touched the fish. They've got to make it look more attractive or else only those that really love fish will eat this.

The obligatory rice and noodles at the end. I always enjoy this part of the meal.

The desserts were almond cookies and coconut custard with lotus paste (I think) in the middle. The red bean soup had some tapioca in it. That's my favourite type of red bean soup.

There was also a birthday cake! This cake from Costco is also one of my favourites! :)

This restaurant is also baby friendly, as it has a change table in the washroom.

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