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First time out without baby

Posted: 02/06/13

First time out without baby

Restaurant: Toronto

dre: We left the baby for a night to go to Mike's work's Christmas party. I was nervous that my parents wouldn't be able to handle the baby so I didn't completely enjoy myself. Good thing the food was abundant and really tasty.

There was a candy station at the front. There were A LOT of kids there, so I knew there wasn't a chance that I would be able to get my favourites without running over the kids. Anyway, we left before they opened the candy station so I didn't have to fight them.

There were 3 huge antipasto tables set up with cheeses, cold cuts, salads, breads, meatballs, mussels, grilled vegetables, pasta, risotto, and soup. The best thing there were the beef ribs. I wanted multiple ones, but I knew that would ruin my dinner later on.

There was a sit down portion of the dinner. We were served chicken breast and salmon with roasted potatoes and vegetables. THe chicken was really juicy. I didn't like the salmon. Actually, I don't like salmon in general. I should of just told the waiter not to put it on my plate, but I was curious and wanted to taste it. It did not change my opinion.

The dessert was a chocolate lava cake with fruit filling with a scoop of ice cream. Simple, yet delicious end to the meal.


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