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Last Wedding of 2012

Posted: 01/31/13

Last Wedding of 2012

Restaurant: Toronto Westin_Prince

dre @ York Mills and Don Mills: We went to a wedding at the Westin Prince. By this time, I felt so pregnant, that I didn't particularly want to go out in public and have people gawk at how big I was and touch my belly. It was weird. Nevertheless, I still went to the wedding, where I hoped to just eat as much as I could and hide in a corner.

There weren't that many hor d'oeuves or they ran out early, so I was starving. I was really tempted to eat the cupcake that was on the table.

Fortunately, dinner wasn't too late and they started off with a salad. It was lightly dressed, which is how I like salads.

When we RSVP-ed for the wedding, I picked the vegetarian option as I thought I couldn't eat raw meat. In hindsight, I was so close to my due date, that I don't think it would have mattered. I got the risotto (which was too cheesy for my liking). Mike cut me a few slices of his prime rib which was soooo good and juicy!

The dessert was a mousse cake and it was a nice end to the heavy meal.

There was a candy station, and the first time we went, the kids already got to it and there were slim pickings. Good thing they refilled the jars and we went back about half hour later with our choice of goodies! Mike and I each filled a bag each of candy. I got a lot of cola bottles and he got a lot of Sour Patch Kids.

Even though I was really tired (and also tired of people staring at my belly), we toughed it out and stayed for the 10pm snacks! There were sliders (I think I had 3-4), grilled cheese sandwich (Mike's), really cold fries (very disappointing), fruit (apparently pineapples help induce labour, so I ate a ton), and wedding cake!


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