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Persimmon Sushi again?

Posted: 01/02/13

Persimmon Sushi again?

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Nara: On the way out of Nara, we figured let's buy this slightly different type of persimmon leaf Sushi for the train ride back. Hmm, I wonder what is inside? I'll take a bite and find out. No, even better, both Kitty and I will take a bite at the same time to find out.

Now, Japanese people will know what is about to happen, but consider my first experience and I hope it is excusable.

As soon as I took a bite, I realized something was wrong. It was bitter and tough - the leaf was inedible. Also, I'm not a cow. After asking the person sitting across from us, she politely motioned we should unwrap it before eating. She was also laughing.

Inside is cured mackerel pressed sushi. Apparently since Nara is landlocked, Japanese people had to preserve fish before transporting it inland. It was salty and tasted as I would expect and didn't even stay together very well. Because of my first bite, I didn't enjoy this as much as I should have.


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