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Okonomiyaki - Osakan Pancake

Posted: 12/30/12

Okonomiyaki - Osakan Pancake

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Osaka: Another Osaka specialty, we found this again in Dotonbori at a street vendor for ¥500/$6. Okonomiyaki is a grilled Japanese pancake with a wide variety of ingredients, which can include flour, nagaimo (tororo in non-grated form), shredded cabbage, squid, octopus, green onion, other vegetables, ginger, thin pork belly etc. At least those were the ingredients I could identify and it very likely had a lot more. Each region in Japan also adds their own ingredients to the mix making it unique wherever you go.

It kinda looks like an egg salad to begin with, but there is no mayo in the pancake.

Some thin pork belly slices were added, but I completely forgot about them when I was eating it and didn't taste it at all.

It is fried on the teppan (iron griddle) until it is crisp. I really stays together well considering the state it started in.

Now, the mayo is added, but after the brown tonkatsu sauce. Basically the same sauces as the Takoyaki.

Also similar to takoyaki, some Aonori (seaweed) and katsuobushi (Bonito flakes) were added. One big difference is that this was just some powdered versions of each ingredient and we felt ripped off and pointed at the sign showing the real non-powdered versions. After some pointing I think we determined that it was not to be and we wouldn't be getting the same thing in the picture.

We ate it shortly afterwards as it came of the grill extremely hot. The consistency was good and solid, but at the same time not dry or hard. I would say most of the pancake consisted of vegetables and some seafood mixed in, but it definitely had a strong ginger taste. But what made it taste good were the sauces on top. It actually tasted similar to takoyaki, but with a completely different texture and obviously different ingredients.


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