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Kushikatsu - Deep Fried Skewers

Posted: 12/29/12

Kushikatsu - Deep Fried Skewers

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Dotonbori: We knew we wanted to try Yakitori, so we walked into this random bar open on street level. Instead of Yakitori we got deep fried skewers of meat and vegetables. We thought it was similar, but it turns out it was something completely different. My searching on the Internet tells me that what we ate is called Kushikatsu. "Kushi" means skewers and "katsu" means deep fried cutlet. We had some trouble ordering and settled on the 6 skewer sampler as we tried to communicate to the waiter with a variety of hand signals.

From left to right, beef, pork, shrimp, egg, onion and lotus. All of them were battered and deep fried, tasting like any other fast food joint's fried food. The beef, pork and shrimp all tasted similar. I think quail eggs were used as they were tiny. The onion definitely tasted like onion rings. Lastly, the lotus root was surprisingly the best, not because it was very flavourful, but because it had a nice firm/crunchy texture and takes on the flavour of the sauce easily.

There is a large common sauce tray for all customers to use. I suppose that Japanese people know not to double dip, but after reading about it online, there are posted signs reminding customers of this etiquette. They also gave us some cabbage to eat along with the skewers. Unfortunately we didn't know we were suppose to try the other sauces as well now that I read about it online.

Since we were still trying for yakitori, we tried to order another item, but unfortunately also came battered and deep fried. This whole scallop retained its original seafoody taste and therefore was quite good. It had the most natural flavour of anything we ate here.

The best discovery here was the plum wine. It is a very sweet drink, but also very very smooth. We liked it so much we bought some in Japan and brought it back to Canada!


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