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Osaka Birthplace of TAKOYAKI!

Posted: 12/28/12

Osaka Birthplace of TAKOYAKI!

Restaurant: Dotombori_Konamon_Museum Japan

Nelson @ Dotombori: Osaka is famous for being the place where TAKOYAKI was invented. I feel like I have to capitalize TAKOYAKI as it is so fun to shout out! They are so proud of this, they even have a museum dedicated to TAKOYAKI. Actually it's dedicated to konamon "flour-based food" of which TAKOYAKI is an example. Out front is a typical TAKOYAKI stand where you can watch the "technique of the TAKOYAKI experts firsthand". You can even go upstairs to make a wax sample of TAKOYAKI for ¥1500 if you want to take it home as a souvenir (we passed)

We, of course, ordered a set of 8 TAKOYAKI balls for ¥520/$6. They also had a bacon and cheese version, but passed on that so that we could have the original. I liked the texture of this one, gooey on the inside and cooked hard on outside. I don't like the pickled ginger much and this set of 8 had an uneven distribution of ginger causing me to like some more than others. They also add a lot of sauce (sweet tonkatsu and mayo) and toppings (anori/seaweed and dried bonito flakes). The middle contains a chunk of octopus that wasn't as large as the last one we had, but overall I liked this one much better because it tasted better and the ginger was not overpowering.

I'm happy to have had such a classic (modern) Japanese food from where it originated. TAKOYAKI!


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