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Soba Noodles with Tempura - Tensoba

Posted: 12/27/12

Soba Noodles with Tempura - Tensoba

Restaurant: Japan Menkurabu

Nelson @ Osaka Train Station: Considering its location RIGHT ON THE PLATFORM of the train station's tracks, this Tensoba noodle place, 麺倶楽部, must be for commuters. Tensoba is Soba noodles served with Tempura.

We ordered Soba noodles in a soup (for ¥280/$3.25) can have it cold or dry as well) and at the end of the counter is a station where you can add your own tempura fried bits, nori green onion, and a variety of sauces. We tried the tempura bits, nori and green onion after observing some other people. The Soba noodles themselves were good in a light broth, but I didn't like the tempura bits that much. When they are soaked in water for a long time they get puffy, soggy and soft.

You also get to pick your sides from a large assortment of tempura battered deep fried goodies. Most people we saw took one, but we wanted to try more than one and tried three. The long stick was some sort of fish cake filled with something (¥100/$1.25), the small ball was chicken (¥70/$0.80) and the shredded yam/potato pancake on the bottom was ¥120 and seemed to be quite popular with the locals. And after tasting it I could see why. I think the way it's cut allows the starchy yam to soak up a lot of oil and become crunchy. It was by far my favourite.

The most confusing part was how to eat it. Are you supposed to dip the tempura battered goodies in the Soba? Or are you suppose to put the whole thing in your noodle soup? Or are you suppose to eat it separately? Do you add sauce to the soup or to the tempura? We tried to observe other people and different people were doing different things. So I guess it was a personal preference. We did a mix of both just to see if we liked it one way or the other better. I liked dipping the best as the deep fried food retained its crunchiness the most.

A nice quick snack that is obviously popular with the busy locals. Beats any fast food here we have in America and this was only $6.50!


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