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Japanese Snacks (Osaka)

Posted: 12/26/12

Japanese Snacks (Osaka)

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson: The anime character Doraemon's favourite snack is the Dorayaki. Two pancakes of Japanese sponge cake (castella) encase a red bean filling. A Yummy dessert, I can see why Doraemon is obsessed with this.

Next are some snacks from 生活志向 called 豆揃い. Not sure about the words, but they are peanuts with a shell. Each one had a unique taste to it and I really liked this snack. I will look out for it here in Canada!

Kitty had to try this, a strawberry flavoured ice cream mochi. I like this concept in general, but this store bought one from Lotte ice cream didn't taste very good. A very fake strawberry flavour (who knows, maybe that's what strawberries taste like in Japan) and overall not as tasty as I was expecting. Neat that you can buy it at the local convenience store though.

Lastly, what trip to Japan would be complete without some Pocky?! When we visited the Umeda Sky Building we didn't realize that it was a date location for couples. They were even giving away some Pocky balloons, but we didn't take any. As part of your admission, they also gave out free Pocky to eat. Bonus!


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