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Matcha Green Tea

Posted: 12/25/12

Matcha Green Tea

Restaurant: Japan

Nelson @ Zen Temple: Tea culture is huge in Japan and usually it is centered on the making and serving of Matcha, which is finely milled/powdered green tea. There is a special preparation for this type of tea, but I didn't get to experience it personally. Instead, I had this treat after a zen Buddhist meditation session after we stayed the night at Shunkoin Temple. A great experience by the way and would recommend it to anyone.

Traditionally served with a small snack called Wagashi, we had on the left a rice cracker with icing that turned out to be not too sweet, unlike the brown one which had a layer of sugar coating that made it quite sweet. It was a good balance to the very strongly flavoured matcha green tea though. I didn't think a tea could taste so strongly, but this was unlike any other I've had before. A bit bitter, a bit sweet, I did enjoy it. Next time I'm in Japan I hope to experience an authentic Japanese Tea Ceremony.


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