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Conveyer Belt Sushi (2 of 3)

Posted: 12/23/12

Conveyer Belt Sushi (2 of 3)

Restaurant: Japan Kura_Sushi

Nelson @ Kyoto: If you don't like what you see on the conveyor belts, you can send in a custom order. Of course no people are involved as you enter your order from the touchscreen above your table and wait for it to arrive. It comes on the special red coloured trays and the video screens will flash and ring when it is approaching (click for video). We were confused at first when our first order approached and may have taken the wrong plate as we weren't sure exactly which plate to pick up.

We saw so many dishes of this mayo covered fish go by that we had to order for it ourselves. Also for some reason fries were really popular. I'm guessing it was because there were a lot of kids there as well.

This is the dish everyone was ordering, but we weren't sure whether this was our specific custom order. We ate it anyway. On top of the fish is some burnt mayo which made it really tasty. Maybe these chains have to be more inventive to keep their customers happy.

We saw some tempura shrimp go by, but it looked cold, so we custom ordered to make sure it came hot. It came fresh from the deep fryer and was nice and hot.

The squid sushi looked neat if you don't mind tentacles. It came with green onion and wasabi and I didn't like it that much.

The smoked fish was really fatty and had a really smokey flavour as well. I thought it was decent, although Kitty didn't like it so much.

We tried again to order a custom one with mayo on it and since we couldn't read Japanese and the pictures were hard to make out it turned out to be beef with burnt mayo on top. It had a smokey flavour and I quite enjoyed it!

Another custom order, this aged tofu came out hot. Very simple, but this was one of my favourite dishes from the whole meal.

Check back tomorrow to find out how to get tea and how to pay. I'll give you a hint...both are automated.


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